Research Study: Psychological Care and Support for Young Adults with a Stoma

Would you be willing to participate in research exploring perspectives on psychological care and support for young adults with a stoma?

This study seeks to explore the perspectives and experiences of young adults (18-29 years) living with a stoma as a result of inflammatory bowel disease, about access to care and support for psychological needs. Previous research revealed that adapting to life with a stoma can be challenging at times; with body-image, self-esteem, intimate relationships, lifestyle and sense of identity being potentially affected. This can result in psychological problems, varying from mild feelings of distress to more significant issues, like depression and anxiety. Such issues are believed to carry particular implications for young adults given the social pressures that are associated with this stage of life (e.g. leaving home, starting university/ work, entering relationships etc). 

This qualitative study aims to shed light on ways to enhance access to care and support; both within and beyond the NHS. 

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