Flash Day at Tattoo Studio Raises £2500

Following a flash day at Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Studio in London, IA was delighted to receive a donation of £2500. To mark the anniversary of the studio's opening, each year the studio holds a flash day which provides each artist with an opportunity to showcase their own designs.

By doing it in this way the artists unique designs are available to people at a cheaper price, each tattoo is only done once so remains unique to each customer and people can get the tattoo done by their preferred artist who might normally have a long waiting list during the year.

The studio advertises the event through its social media channels and customers only get to see the designs on the day. The event is done on a 'first come, first served' basis, and as can be seen from the queue of people (below right) is very popular.

Cloak and Dagger queueCollectively, the team completed 20 tattoos at £100 each and together with the sale of raffle tickets on the day raised a staggering £2500. Raffle prizes included the top prize of a £250 piece of flash from an artist of their choice, a £50 Cloak and Dagger gift voucher, Sailor Jerry merchandise, East London Liquor Company Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum, flash books, t shirts and pins - all generously provided by local companies. They were also given a few cakes from Kahalia - a charity cafe along the road from the studio. 

This year the studio chose to raise funds for charity and IA was chosen by artist Luke. Luke's partner's father, Ian McIver, passed away a few months ago and had an ileostomy during treatment for bowel cancer.

Ruth, Luke's partner, added "The charity provided much needed support and advice for us all. The website was a helpful place for us to find information and we also found the forum a useful place to read experiences of other people who had also undergone the procedure."

IA would like to thank the team at Cloak and Dagger London, namely the artists who participated on the day; Luke Jinks, Kat Abdy, Hugh Sheldon, Myles Vear, Michelich, Jethro Wood and Jack Goks for donating the sale of their designs and their time to raise funds for IA so that we can continue to support people like Ian at a time when they feel at their most vulnerable and are looking for help.

More information about the studio is available via their website, Cloak and Dagger London or you can follow them on social media.

A selection of tattoos purchased on the day...

Cloak and Dagger tattoos