Nottinghamshire Appliance Management Service

A new centralised appliance service is being set up in Nottinghamshire to manage the prescribing and delivery of stoma care products. A benefit of this service is that people will have contact with a team of specialist stoma nurses without needing to be referred to them by their GP. This will give people better access to advice and support, and will make sure that prescribed products are appropriate for their daily needs.

The initial contract, which runs for 3 years, was awarded to Fittleworth and they have set up an independent team to administer the prescribing of stoma care products across all Nottingham CCGs with the exception of Bassetlaw CCG. The service will be open from 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday but closed at weekends and on public holidays (as today).

The service will be manned by a knowledgeable team of prescription co-ordinators and specialist stoma nurses who will be able to offer advice and support to enable people to manage their stoma with confidence. They will be able to offer appointments with a qualified stoma care nurse at a local clinic or, if appropriate, in your own home to those that are looking for support. 

The service is being phased in over a 3 month period, starting on 1st August 2016 and patients will be transferred by GP surgery. Approximately two weeks prior to being transferred patients will receive a letter from their GP and a booklet explaining how the service will operate. 

The ordering process is very straightforward; patients will be able to call an 0800 number which will be answered by a prescription co-ordinator who will ask some basic security questions followed by two questions on how they have been managing their stoma health. Patients will then be able to order their products and select where to send the prescription, either to themselves or to a dispenser of their choice, which could be an appliance distributor or a local pharmacy. 

If sent to an appliance distributor, supplies should then be delivered within 48 hours. 

This is a change to what people are used to but they should not be concerned as support groups like IA have been involved from the start to ensure that the service is a supportive and caring one. If there are any questions on the new Nottinghamshire Appliance Management Service (NAMS) please direct them to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.