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Research Study: Psychological Care and Support for Young Adults with a Stoma

Would you be willing to participate in research exploring perspectives on psychological care and support for young adults with a stoma?


ACPGBI Ileoanal Pouch Report sponsored by IA

Monday 3 July 2017: IA is delighted to announce that the ACPGBI Ileoanal Pouch Report is being released later today. IA is sole sponsor of the 58 page report which reports surgical outcomes for ileoanal pouch surgery since the first report was published in 2012, also sponsored by IA.

The report includes data from over 5000 patients who have had pouch surgery under the care of around 150 surgeons. Links available below.


Research Study - Living with an ostomy, dealing with leaks

Researchers at the Nanotechnology and Integrated BioEngineering Centre (NIBEC) at Ulster University have developed an online questionnaire to gather information on living with a stoma and dealing with leaks. Ultimately, the findings from this questionnaire will aid future research into usefulness and usability of an early warning system that can be used to alert the patient to the impending advent of a leak.